Don't Let Fear Hold You Back! Learn to take baby steps toward success.

 Recently, I decided to go back to a business that I was an associate with back in the 90s. Even back then I knew Watkins was a solid opportunity but I let so many things (mainly fear of failure) stand in my way of success. First of all, for those who aren't familiar, Watkins is a more than 145 year old company offering a variety of products for life and home that are top quality. They also offer a business opportunity that allows you to choose your own hours and offers the flexible kind of lifestyle so many people desire.

One thing that everyone has to learn with Watkins is that an important part of success with the company is simply using their products in your own home. If you don't use something, become familiar with it, truly love that product, it's going to be more difficult to get others excited about trying it. Besides how can you sell something you can't stand behind?

If you visited the top Chevy dealer in your area and saw the owner drive home in a Ford, what would that make you think?

Would you buy hair growth tonic from a bald man?

Wouldn't you think twice about buying weight loss products from a morbidly obese salesperson?

Exactly. What's even worse, if you aren't a user of your own products, after a while you're no longer going to care about the business because you won't be passionate about what you're doing.

  The same goes for personal development. You can read and listen all you want about different ways to improve your life but until you start practicing those things and going through the steps of making your life better, you probably won't have success.

Sure, you can absorb all that information but if your idea is to absorb it for later use "when it's more convenient" then you've got the wrong idea.

Why put off what you can start right now? Even if you just take baby steps toward improving yourself and your life why not start today? Do something every day that gets you excited... maybe even a little scared. Stop trying to be so careful about everything and just do.

  Back to the Watkins thing for a minute... I was trying so hard way back when to do things perfectly that I didn't give it my all. I now realize I was being too careful. I was worried that if I didn't know everything about every single product I would make a fool of myself.

Watkins offers over 300 products and I thought I needed to learn every detail about each product before I could be successful? How foolish I was!

The key to being successful isn't complete and total knowledge, it's being able to share the excitement and enthusiasm you have for even just one product that you love.

That's right, even just ONE!

When you're passionate about something it just shows and then you can use that to your advantage.

  So whether it's passion for a new business venture (or rekindled passion for an old one), or making your life the best possible through personal development, you need to be passionate about what you're doing, don't just read about what you should be doing - DO what you should be doing to get to where you want to be.

Baby steps... take small steps along the way. Don't feel like conditions have to be perfect before you get started because there will be no perfect time. Finding others who will support you 100% is another great way to be successful.

In the same way as the training site associated with J.R. Watkins, Timeless Integrity, supports its members with conference calls, a free prospecting website filled with all sorts of training materials, added incentives,etc. YOU need to seek out those who support you all the way in your journey. Believe in yourself enough to surround yourself with others who believe in you as well!

So in summary,
  • Don't let fear hold you back
  • Do what you need to do. Don't put it off!
  • Take baby steps but take steps! Don't stand still.
  • Don't worry about doing things exactly right or waiting for the perfect time.
  • Find support. Be your own best cheerleader!
  • Believe in yourself!

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