A Little About Me

 Thanks for checking in to learn a little more about me. The name's Kris, Kristy, Kristina... I answer to pretty much anything really. I'm a mom to seven amazing, yet at times confusing, children. My interests are incredibly varied, so you never know what I may be writing about. I love the color purple, you might say I'm a bit obsessed. I have a fondness for shabby chic and primitive decor. I love photography - both taking pictures and looking at others' artwork. I paint, not well, but I paint. I love writing. Oh, and I can sing though I don't often these days... I should. Crazy, crazy, crazy about music! and fashion... love that stuff, though you will usually find me in comfy, practical clothing. Though I love to be surrounded by beautiful things, I'm not at all prissy. I love camping and getting dirty. Told you my interests were varied, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. =)

  I'm also here to share my journey in self discovery with you. Throughout my life, I've struggled with a lot of issues including my weight, social anxiety, depression, as well as a general lack of self-confidence. I will sometimes write about the coping mechanisms that have kept me sane (for the most part) over the years. I honestly believe that deep down most of us know the actions we should take to turn our lives around, or to become the best version of ourselves possible, but we either lack the motivation or the know-how to take the steps to make it reality.

  I have resolved to make a better life, to be a role model for my children, to create a happy family, and live a life worth remembering. I believe there isn't one set way to get to our happiness because everyone is different. What works for one might not work for another... that's one of the beautiful things about being unique.

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